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Hi, I'm Matt. I'm an 22 year old student who lives in the Channel Islands. I'm also a freelance website developer, website designer and software developer. Please scroll down to find out more about me and what I do.

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What I do

I build bespoke websites and web applications alongside my studies, although I can also develop offline applications. I’ve got a passion for Node.js and WebGL, and I'm also interested in Machine Learning.

I enjoy writing sleek code and creating a slick user experience. I like exciting, crisp, standout pages which use all of the available screen real estate, I'm a big fan of low-poly art, and I'm certainly always open to fresh ideas.

Above all, I develop because I find it rewarding to make awesome apps that work well.


I'm currently studying Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, but I live in Guernsey (in the Channel Islands).

My interest in programming started with games - I enjoyed playing them, but preferred building them, so I took several free online computer science courses. I became especially interested in Website Design and Artificial Intelligence.

I love travelling - hiking trips, sports trips, walking the dog, whatever. I play the Alto Sax, I enjoy Target Shooting and Fencing. In summer 2015 I was lucky enough to compete in the Fencing Commonwealth Games in South Africa! Yay!

I've worked with

Richard and Nicole's Wedding

A responsive, functional winter wedding website featuring a customised Google Map, custom fonts, and a strong visual impression.

The website was specified to be simple and cheerful with an easy user interface for users of all abilities. It needed to be mobile friendly, so extra attention was paid to responsive design.

The couple had a significant amount of input into the look and feel of the site, so it really reflects their design, and matches the theme of the wedding (much of the design was based on various Pinterest boards - an effective way to convey a theme).

Elizabeth College

A pretty huge website with a few very specific requirements

A substantial website for the Old Elizabethan Association (OEA), commissioned by Elizabeth College. Building the site had unique challenges as it needed to integrate with the BlackBaud® Software backend, as well as meet some strict style requirements. This led to some interesting challenges.

The website features over 500 pages of information, a gallery which can be maintained and updated by members without prior technical knowledge, an event calendar, a simple online shop, online registration and payment forms and a member directory.

The Guernsey Fencing Academy (GFA)

This website has been modified since construction due changes to the GFA

My first website was built and constructed for the Guernsey Fencing Academy (GFA). The main feature of the site was an 'iCal' style timetabling application so that coaches can schedule one to one lessons and schedule training sessions online. It also includes a messaging service so that users can send messages to their coaches and a club gallery.

Zer0s and Ones

This links to the club site - it changes on a weekly basis and I'm no longer running the club - who knows what you may find!

I set up a computer science club ("Zeros and Ones") in 2014. The club focuses on teaching students how to program applications in Python and Javascript, and how to use HTML and CSS as well as external libraries to create snazzy websites. The group are currently working together on the club website.

Purple Armadillo

I constructed the website for Purple Armadillo; a Young Enterprise company which sold discount cards in Guernsey. The site featured a mailing list signup page and information about the products of Purple Armadillo. As per the Young Enterprise rules, Purple Armadillo stopped trading in Late 2013, so the site is no longer available.

The Sport and Remedial Massage Clinic

I did not construct this website, I'm just linking to it for information

I also work alongside my studies doing general I.T. work for the Sport and Remedial Massage Clinic in Guernsey.




Hyper-dimensional Noughts and Crosses

Click here to play the game!

The classic game of tic tac toe, but played in any spatial dimension! This was my first WebGL application - it is a 3D representation of a Noughts and Crosses grid in any dimension. Works best in Chrome.

Click here for a more detailed explanation...

Low Poly Trees to fiddle with

An example...

All versions & code...

This site is being heavily redesigned (release planned soon!) with a lot more low poly art and moving parts, because I like making them (and I think they look great!). Here's a procedural tree generation algorithm using WebGL through various stages of development, some bits of which I hope to have as part of the new site! Feel free to take a look at the trees, trawl through the code, or whatever. Each time you refresh the page the trees should look different - the algorithm generates them on the fly.
Below is a nice example of a skyscape with some birds.

This site is undergoing a major redesign - ready soon!

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